Charcoal has whitening properties that can help remove soda, coffee, wine, tea and other stains from your teeth. Charcoal is also naturally antibacterial that helps fight cavities and plaque build up. 


Help keep plastic toothbrushes out of our landfills and oceans by making the switch to bamboo! 

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Bristles

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  • WowE's Website states "WowE is today’s toothbrush choice for environmentally and hygiene conscious men, women and children. Its bamboo handle and brush base are biodegradable, light and hand-friendly. WowE’s soft, optimum bristles, made from BPA-free, recyclable PBT are perfect for all ages’ teeth and gums. Equal to the life of any plastic toothbrush, WowE elevates conscious product choices with its Earth sustaining packaging and overall ecology-minded appeal." 

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