Why Bevi is Perfect for Your Workplace

Updated: Feb 20

Hello friends! For those who are new to my blog, I wanted to say that one of my favorite parts of my job is reviewing brands that are trying to do their part for the planet. When I first started my sustainable journey back in August 2018, I felt like I didn't know of ANY brands that had real environmental initiatives. Now I'm learning about brands that are the front runners of change alllll the time- and Bevi is one of them.


Bevi is a smart water dispenser that has sparkling, still, and flavored water on demand for the workplace. When Bevi reached out, I was pretty excited to try their different flavors of water because I haven't thought too much about the waste that is created in the workplace since I work at home, so I was eager to try Bevi's plastic-free drink options. They have so many different flavors to choose from and I got to try several of them! So far, my favorite is the black cherry sparkling water and the still cucumber water.


Bevi is not just a smart water machine, though. Bevi is a movement that is trying to make the workplace a strictly BYOB (bring your own bottle) environment. Why is this so important?? In the United States alone, we discard 2.5 million plastic bottles an hour. Not to mention that it takes 450 YEARS for one plastic bottle to decompose.

When I started to learn about these issues, I was so shocked. How in the world can we fix a problem this massive?? At first, I felt hopeless when learning about the plastic crisis. But then I realized that change starts with myself. If I can make changes, maybe I'll influence others to make changes as well. But what's great about making sustainable changes in the workplace is that many people are being influenced at once. Many people are being encouraged to bring their own water bottle to refill instead of using plastic.

"Today, Bevi’s smart water dispensers have saved the waste generated by over 100 million plastic bottles." (website).


Bevi's mission is to "unbottle" the future. They dreamed of a brand that would give you flavorful, hydrating drinks that didn't come at the cost of the environment. Just by having this smart water machine installed at your workplace, so much oil, energy, water, and plastic can be saved (see below).

By having a Bevi installed at your workplace, 35,000 plastic bottles can be saved from landfills and the ocean each year. I love the bar that Bevi has raised for the workplace because it clearly shows that with some innovation, we really can learn how to decrease or eliminate our use of single-use plastic.


No matter what our role is in the workplace, we have the opportunity to have conversations around a more healthy and environmentally friendly workplace. Are you in a leadership position at your job? Great! Start having conversations with your colleagues about how you can give healthy drinking options that eliminate the need for plastic bottles. Are you an employee? Even better! Have conversations with your leaders and coworkers about how a Bevi could reduce waste while also providing an incentive to drink more water throughout the day. We all have the power to create change, and having a Bevi in the office is a great way to reduce our use of plastic bottles on a larger scale.

Are you interested in Bevi? Click HERE to learn more!



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