Review: Swoofe Beeswax Wrap

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Ohhhhh the kitchen. While reducing plastic in my home has been so easy in some areas, the kitchen is so hard. The food packaging, the cooking utensils, nonstick pans, Saran Wrap- ugh there's so much. I've realized with reducing my waste that I have to pick an angle to start at and go with it. Making my kitchen paperless was my first switch, and switching to beeswax wraps was my second.

About Swoofe

I'm a sucker for brands with a meaningful mission and Swoofe represents that completely. It seems like a lot of brands are born because of new parents who want a better world for their children. Swoofe was launched just a little over a month ago because of parents who wanted to create a more sustainable way to store food and to give their children more sustainable lives. Their brand is working on some wonderful things like donating to their local charities and and collaborating with artists to help design future collections for their company.

What is it?

Swoofe beeswax wrap is essentially organic cotton with a layer of beeswax. Other ingredients are added (jojoba oil and tree resin) in order to make this wrap antibacterial- making your food last longer while only using natural ingredients in the wrap. It's a win-win!

I did some research when I first started living sustainably because I wanted to know how this wrap worked. So basically, it's a natural layer for our food like the skin on fruits and vegetables. It allows our food to breathe while still being a barrier and keeping it fresh.

What makes this option sustainable?

Plastic wrap leaches chemicals into our food and is only used once before it is headed to the land fill. The sad fact about this wrap heading to the landfill is that it will remain there to (try) and break down for hundreds of years. The wrap we use to keep our casserole fresh for 2 days shouldn't last twice as long as our lifetimes...

Now that I have you all sad and depressed, I'm here to tell you that Swoofe is plastic free, toxin free (it won't leach chemicals into our food like plastic), and is fully biodegradable. After my wrap is worn out and doesn't cling to my bowls or food anymore, I'll simply cut the wrap up into pieces and compost it.

What do you use it for?

I use my wrap for things like cheese, half cut veggies and fruits, and to put on bowls of food to put in the fridge. I have a wrap that's big enough to put on my Kitchen Aid bowl and my Pyrex so I consider that a win!

When I was on the go more in college, I would wrap my sandwiches in beeswax wrap for class. This worked well for me and I would simply fold the wrap back up and put it in my front backpack pocket when I was finished.

How do you take care of the wrap?

Since the wrap is lined with wax, it can't be rinsed with hot water or put in the dishwasher. The wrap is to be rinsed with cold water after each use and simply hang dry!

My final thoughts on the wrap

Honestly, I used to not like bees wax wraps because the ones I had were too small. I could use it to wrap fruits or vegetables but I could not get it to go on big bowls and I could not get the wrap to make a decent seal on the bowl.

I started using Swoofe and realized their brand was different than the ones I have tried before. It seems like the sizes were well thought out because I can use these wraps to store anything. Each set comes with 4 wraps of varying sizes from small to large which is convenient to have all the size options. Also, as you can tell in the picture above, the wrap seals nicely around bowls which is what I was looking for.

My final thoughts? I wasn't a big fan of beeswax wrap before, but it turns out that with better design and some bigger sizes that I love wraps as a sustainable option in the kitchen. You've outdone yourself, Swoofe.

If you want your own wraps click HERE.

Credit: @swoofe.official

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