Review: Sol Organics Bedding

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

credit: @amyepeters

Let's talk about one of the most important items in our homes: our BEDS. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so we should be living our best lives in our favorite sheets, on a comfy mattress, and a good pillow. And, of course, there's a way to sleep ~~sustainably~~~

And that's what I'm here to talk about today! I was recently gifted this bedding bundle from Sol Organics and I have been trying it out for 2 weeks.

About Sol Organics

Sol Organics is a bedding company that values the highest quality of sustainable fabrics while also giving their workers fair working conditions. Ever since I watched The True Cost documentary, fair working conditions have been so important to me. I'm happy to see a company that values being a leader in having ethical practices in production.

“I can’t help but think about the people making those products. Who are they? What are their working conditions? Are children involved? How can I be sure? How can my customers be sure?” –Vishal Naithani, Co-Founder

Another value that Sol Organics holds is affordability. This is an interesting aspect to me because I never really see environmental companies addressing the issue that these sustainable and ethical products cost a great deal more than conventional products, so it's nice to see a company addressing this concern, while also trying their best to make their own product affordable.

Affordability is the tipping point. It promotes access, which in turn creates demand and conversion to organic cotton. It creates a symbiosis in which everyone wins: the farmer, the consumer and the earth.–Sachin Chauhan, Co-Founder

Is it Comfortable?

I have the linen bundle and it has been amazing to sleep in. I was sooo skeptical at first because linen has a rougher feel than cotton, but I have been sleeping in this set for about 2 weeks and I have slept so well in it. My husband, Houston, is the most particular person I know when it comes to sleeping (he's a 1 for you enneagram people). He has to have his fan on level 2, all the blinds shut, the thermostat at 68 and the bedding, of course, must be perfect. And YES, Sol Organics past the test.

Is it Affordable?

Of course with high standards for natural materials and ethical production comes a higher price. I was scared to see the prices for such a wonderful set, but to my surprise, a sheet set with 2 pillowcases, 2 shams, and a duvet cover is $350 USD. Sets this nice at shops like Anthropologie are way more expensive and they're not fair trade or made of natural materials! So no, this bedding isn't the same price as Target, but it is so much more affordable than other organic bedding on the market. Sol Organics even compares their prices to their competitors here.

Is it Breathable?

It breathes super well, and the brand claims that the bedding is temperature regulating in the winter. I have had two other ethically sourced duvet covers and with both of them I have woken up sweating in the middle of the night. How breathable this bedding is was the first thing Houston and I noticed when we slept in Sol Organics bedding.

How do you wash it?

You simply machine wash the set on cold and either hang your bedding up to dry or set your drier to low tumble dry. I have also heard that linen bedding gets softer after every wash?? SO yeah that's a win in my book.

Final Thoughts on the Bedding:

I have tried three natural beddings now and this brand outshines the others by far. I would recommend this brand to anybody and everybody. It is cozy and made of beautiful material while also not compromising the health of people and the planet. Excuse me, I'm gonna go sleep for DAYS now.

Check our Sol Organics' bedding HERE.


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