My 10 Favorite Zero Waste Swaps

Since I have been trying out sustainable products for a full year now, I thought I would give you a list of my absolute favorites. All of these products listed I have been using for a while and have stood the test of time! So are you ready to know some of the best swaps to make if you're trying to live sustainably? Let's GOOOO

1. Glass or Metal Straws

I honestly love the aesthetic of glass or metal straws. I use them all the time at home and I have a couple of straws in my purse for when I go out to restaurants.

2. Reusable Coffee Cup

The best switch I have made is a reusable coffee cup because I drink sooo much coffee. I try to do the math every now and then to figure out how many plastic cups I have saved by switching- right now it is around 500. What's great about switching to a reusable cup is you don't have to buy anything! I have a Keep Cup, but I used to use an old mason jar at my house and all baristas didn't think anything about it when I gave it to them to refill.

3. Menstrual Cup

If you've been following my journey for a while, you are well aware of how obsessed I am with the menstrual cup. I bought a menstrual cup for $30 and now I will not have to purchase period products for 10 YEARS. It saves me so much money and also reduces my cramping and leaking. I always hated tampons and pads, so I figured every period product on earth sucked. Turns out, there are amazing products that make periods less of a hassle- and the menstrual cup is one of them. If you want to know all the benefits of a menstrual cup, read my blog about it here.

credit: @dotcup

4. Cloths for kitchen

I did this one before I even knew about Zero Waste living. The key is to make sure you have plenty of cloths that way you don't run out of clean cloths very easily. I have a basket on the counter to put my dirty ones in and then I wash them about once a week. It is such a simple switch that eliminates the need for paper towels and napkins in your kitchen.

5. Bite Toothpaste Bits

This is one of the first swaps I ever made and I am in LOVE. It is a little pricey but is by far one of my favorite Zero Waste swaps. I have the subscription that sends me bits every four months.

Credit: @stacysullivan_

6. Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are cheap and one of the simplest ways to reduce plastic in your life. Every toothbrush you have ever used still exists. Why use an ugly plastic forever-toothbrush when you can use a bamboo one that's way more pleasing to look at and way better for the planet??


30% of American's trash is just food alone! If you start a compost pile, you're already eliminating so much of your waste. Plus, you will never have a trash bag that will leak or smell again- isn't that the dream?

It's been a thing now where I always take my friends outside to see my compost pile- yes, I'm that person. I just love seeing all of my food scraps, paper, and cardboard break down! It's so satisfying to know that its nutrients is going back into the soil instead of letting off gas in the landfill.

8. Bars of Soap

credit: @ethiqueworld

I love this switch because it completely eliminated plastic bottles in my bathroom and looks so much better than plastic. The visual aesthetic of my bathroom always reminds me that I am taking steps that are good for our planet's health. I have used many body bars and face bars and to me, they all work about the same. As far as shampoo and conditioner bars go, I recommend Zero Wate Store or Ethique.

9. Oat milk

credit: @hrb_illustration

I feel so basic for being obsessed with Oat milk, but what can I say, it's AMAZING. When I drink almond milk, I can only focus on the fact that I'm not drinking normal milk. But oat milk is so tasty and is sooooo good in coffee. You can make it yourself or buy it at almost any grocery store.

10. Recycled TP

This is an easy product to get behind because Who Gives a Crap toilet paper is about the same price or cheaper than conventional toilet paper. Its recycled TP is $48 for 48 rolls, but they're triple the length of normal toilet paper rolls, so they last for a very long time.

And that's it! These are some of my favorite products that will save you waste AND money, so it's a win-win.

Thanks for reading :)

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