MATTER: Product Review

Hello hello! As many of you know about me, I am a HUGE advocate for changes in our fashion industry to align more with the health of our planet and people. I love writing my feelings and thoughts about this subject, so here's part of a caption I wrote about it 3 days ago:

"All of our clothes have a story, and to be honest, most clothes have a bad one. A story of garment workers in third world countries being exploited in working conditions that would never be allowed in the place I live. A story where factories are collapsing, the wage is rarely livable, and big-name fashion brands aren’t held responsible. The story of fast fashion doesn’t have to end this way, maybe it’s a new beginning. Maybe we’re having an awakening. Maybe consumers will say they don’t want fast fashion. Maybe consumers will say they want to know the condition of their workers. If the top doesn’t care about this horrible issue, then maybe we can change it from the bottom up."

So that has been my philosophy for combatting fast fashion for over a year now. I buy second hand, I refuse fast fashion, and when I do buy new, I always support a fashion brand that is trying to challenge the fashion model with their business.


MATTER is a brand I found a couple of months ago, and I fell in love with their textiles immediately. I was on their website seeing options for "zero waste coat" or "learn the story of our makers" and I was just in shock. I am completely in awe by how much they use their platform to talk about the social and environmental impacts of fashion.

Many people know that I am a huge believer in businesses using their power for good. I know we can't consume our way out of climate change or consume our way out of a harmful fashion industry, but I am starting to see these alternative businesses popping up where they are really pushing social and environmental awareness and it makes my heart so happy. As I said before, I don't buy clothes often, but when I do, I find a business that is trying to make a difference in the world.

How do the clothes look?

I got a shirt and two pairs of pants from MATTER and all three pieces look so awesome. I have gotten many compliments on my outfits that incorporate these pieces and they are just so much fun to wear.

How expensive is it?

The pieces are a little pricey. For example, these pants to the left are $150 USD, but the pieces are truly classic and will last for years. It's an investment for sure, but if you like this clothing it's definitely an investment worth making!

How do the clothes fit?

The clothes fit true to size and are comfortable. They have a sizing chart on their website which helps you figure out what size to get. Also, they have an amazing blog post on size inclusivity here.

How does the clothing fit with the rest of your wardrobe?

I was nervous that MATTER's clothing would be too different from the clothes I already wear but turns out styling these pants with the shirts and sweaters I already own is so fun! It's easy to dress the pants down, dress them up, and wear different types of shoes with them as well. I thought I maybe would not like wearing something so statement, but I've realized that my pants go soooo well with a lot of the clothes I already have in my wardrobe. For those who are nervous about how to style prints, read these blog posts on how to wear them.

These printed textiles tell a story, and in a world where we hear all the bad stories of unfair wage, harassment, and excess in the fashion industry, Matterb Prints tells a story of kindness, sustainability, and positive change. Their garments are beautifully and wonderfully made without the cost of human and environmental health.

I hopeeee to see more companies like this one. MATTER, you are truly breaking the fashion mold and paving the way to a better and more sustainable future.

If you want to check out MATTER's clothes, click HERE.

If you want to check out MATTER's blog and story, click HERE.


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