I Tried the Organicup and This is what I thought

So if you have been following me for a while, you are well aware that I am a HUGE advocate for the menstrual cup. I tried it over a year ago and haven't used a tampon or pad since. It is made of silicone and can last you for up to 10 YEARS whereas a tampon lasts for 6 hours- then takes 500 years to decompose. Yes, 500 years. Why are we using a product that lasts 6 times longer than our own life spans?

My whole life I thought there were only two options: a pad or a tampon. And honestly, both options have always sucked. They don't last long, they're both expensive, tampons have always made my cramps worse, and pads can make you smell (ew ew ew). SO trying the cup was the best turn of events ever because it reduces my cramps, I NEVER leak, I save a ton of money, and I eliminated my period waste completely.

One thing I have learned from running my Instagram page and talking about menstrual cups is that there is not one cup that works for everybody. Some people love one brand and others like another, and cups tend to work differently for different bodies. SO I thought after a year of using one menstrual cup, it was time to try another so I can tell you guys about different brands.

This blog post is a review of the brand Organicup. So let's see how it goes!


To me, using a menstrual cup is one of the most sustainable alternatives to period products out there. I recognize the cup isn't for everybody, so don't feel like you have to use one to live sustainably. But it is worth looking into its environmental and health benefits before deciding it is not for you.

Using a menstrual cup reduces your period waste by 99.9%. The cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone. Organicup's website states that "silicone is derived from quartz, a type of sand, which is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust and not hazardous to the environment."

Also, Organicup's website has a period savings calculator that lets you know how much waste and money you are saving by switching to the cup. Click on this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to calculate your period savings! Here are my savings by switching to the cup.


When I ordered my Organicup, there were three sizes to choose from which was honestly a relief. Many of you have asked me about different sizing for menstrual cups and I didn't know the answer, but on Organicup's website, they make it very clear.

This is a great feature of the Organicup since, as I said, there isn't one cup that works for everybody. This increases the chances of getting the right cup that will work for your body.


To my surprise, the Organicup came in a cardboard box with a canvas bag to keep the cup in. The packaging is almost completely plastic-free which I think is a win.

source: @zero.waste.collective


So the big question, how did this cup work for me? I used my Organicup for the full length of my cycle and it went really well. No leaks, no cramps, and the long stem on the bottom of the cup made it easy to remove (the stem can be cut if it is too long for you). I couldn't feel the cup at all during my period and this cup folds easily which makes it simple to insert.

As I said, I have used the cup for a year so inserting and removing the cup wasn't a problem. BUT for those that have never used a cup, here's an informational video from Organicup's website.


I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone. When I think of Organicup the word that comes to mind is "simple." They do whatever they can to make this process easy for you! They offer different sizes for different women, they offer a detailed informational video on their website, and of course, the product cuts out monthly purchases of tampons and cuts out the useless waste. Let's use a period product that lasts for years, not hours shall we?

After using the menstrual cup, I came up with a pros and cons list for using the cup. I think the pros definitely outway the cons, but I wanted to help make the decision process a little easier for you if you're thinking about buying the cup.


1. You can keep it in for 12 hours, while tampons can be used for 6 hours and then are thrown away.

2. The silicone cup that separates your blood from your vaginal wall decreases your chances of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome.

3. The cup doesn't have to be washed after every removal, so you can easily "change" your cup (remove the blood) in a public stall. But since it lasts for 12 hours, it is easy to only remove your cup in private spaces.

4. It lasts for years, so it saves you a lot of money. By switching to the cup, I will save $922 until menopause.

5. Since it lasts for so long, you end up saving a ton of waste. By switching to the cup, I will save 336 tampons in 1 year and 3,360 in 10 years.

6. 3 sizes make it easier to pick the right cup for your body.

7. IT'S PLASTIC AND TOXIN FREE. Good for your health. Good for the environment.


1. It costs more money upfront than tampons and pads

2. There is a learning curve on how to insert the cup

3. There's not one cup that works for everybody (but then again, there isn't a tampon or pad

that works for everybody either).

4. It's more inconvenient to change

5. Must be sterilized after every cycle

So there you have it. The ends and outs of a menstrual cup. I have loved them for a year now and the cup has changed my period for the better. Have questions or comments about the menstrual cup? Comment on my Instagram post about it HERE.

For those interested in the menstrual cup, click HERE and use my code impact20 to receive 20% of your Organicup!

Thanks for reading :)

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